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 Kaya Grup Lazer Hakkımızda


  Kaya Grup basement was founded byBayram Kaya in the year 1981. Firstly it has started as knitted and home textile. In the year 1998 continue ıts growth by becoming a company. Later on continued on export works. Expanded our field by including knitting machine and sparts buy and sell business with domestic and export sales. Knitting , textile , confectionary goods sales are included in our portfolio. In the year 2012 we have expanded our field of activity by including laser cutting machine and spare parts sale and after sales service. 

We are going fast to be the best laser technology company in Turkey. We are pleased to serve you on before and after sales with our young , dynamics and professional team . From the power that we have in these activities , we are spending intense efforts to better serve you by opening new branches beginning from Istanbul with our technical and spare parts. By this way we are having positive results. Due to that reason our sales are increasing more and more everyday. We are attending various exhibitions every year and reach wider communities. Our mission is to give the best service to our customers with the best technology and the highest quality by having collobration with our Chinese partner.